Access Control Solutions

The picture that comes into most people’s minds when thinking about access control systems is someone offering a badge up to a card reader to unlock a door or release a barrier so that they can get into or out of a building. And, of course, this is a primary function for most installations. The capabilities of modern access control systems extend far beyond simply controlling who can get into a building.

Rest assured that your assets are safe when you protect your property with Internal Control Systems, complete with visible and concealed features. Our state-of-the-art, on-site security systems provide peace of mind and unmatched protection against intruders and other unauthorized persons. With our customized security features, cutting-edge technology, and experienced installation and support staff, Internal Control Systems allows you to:

Restrict Unauthorized Access

Internal Control Systems lets you determine authorized points of entry by creating access restrictions. With this system, authorized individuals can access certain areas within specified hours. Ideal for workplace situations, employers can grant limited access to employees without increasing the risk for theft or damage to assets and inventory.

Secure Your Workspace

Internal Control Systems also provides workplace security options, including restricted entry access, video monitoring, and more. Know what is happening in your facility by creating a trail for loss prevention with restricted access entry. With Internal Control Systems, you can also offer protection to your employees with strategically placed cameras that reduce the risks for workplace violence.

Create an Audit Trail

Internal Control Systems provides custom solutions by combining options like video surveillance and restricted access. Our multiple layers of protection allow you to create an accessible audit trail that aids in determining the locations of individuals during any incidents that may occur. The Companies solutions provide visible and concealed means for securing your assets, providing a sure-fire way to reduce workplace theft.

Eliminate Key Problems

Say goodbye to the locksmith and hello to the savings by eliminating the hassles of keyed entry. By installing an Internal Control Systems electronic access system, you’ll save yourself time and money. Your facilities will be safe from unwanted intruders, leaving you with no need to worry about tracking who has keys or if reproductions have been made.


Captures every door entry video and stored digitally. Digital search using ID, illegal entry, date/time prevents and detect tail-gating

Active RFID Asset Protection and People tracking:

Plug the loophole of authorized users’ theft in a property and tracking people. User ID tied to asset.

Access Manager:

A robust control network technology platform for deployment in a broad range of options (Ethernet, WiFi, 3G/GSM)

Time Attendance

With our Biometric Access Control & Time Attendance facility, all the detailed logs are recorded each time someone attempt to access and the log details can be pulled to any central location to generate an attendance report or to integrate with the ERP solutions running for the company.

» Automatic calculation of total working hours for each employee
» Record employee absences, lateness and, etc…
» View & compare user photos with snapshot photos
» Easy to use interface support
» Multiple users can be log in at the same time and use with its simplistic interface
» Manage the company’s employees effectively and efficiently with automated report generation over a
   specific time frame
» Daily IN/OUT employee detail /roll call status reports
» Check IN/OUT status, personal employee information, and automatic calculation of total hours
» One click-all reports can be exported to Excel, PDF format. MS SQL database technology