Audio Video Intercom

One system category that has truly blossomed with the IP revolution in electronic security devices is intercoms. Instead of simply providing only audio communications with the ability to release an electric strike, the latest intercom systems provide integrated audio and video management of door access.

The humble intercom system has changed a great deal in recent years and is no longer bound to only audio. Don’t settle for a simple audio intercom system when you can have the added convenience and security of video.

There are many uses for a video intercom that an audio intercom cannot provide. Here are several benefits that make a audio video intercom system worth the investment.

Advantages of Video Intercom Systems vs Audio Heightened Awareness For Your Home or Business

Audio intercom systems are not as secure as video intercoms because the camera will allow you to communicate with guests without compromising your security.

When protecting your home or business with a video intercom, you can view who is at your door before making the decision to let them in. Seeing your guest means less unauthorized visitors passing your entry.

Mobile Integration Allows Easy Access

Intercom systems now have the capability to connect with your mobile devices. A mobile device can view up to five cameras at one time, increasing visual security.

Mobile applications work with your video intercom and allow you to view your guests and open the door from anywhere in your NYC home or business. Video intercoms can be used as a simple surveillance device for recording which is helpful if you are away from your home for a long period of time. A video intercom can also be used to monitor the exterior of your home or business. Many units can support multiple cameras with numerous viewing angles and all round protection for any suspicious activity that may occur.

Prevent Crime

An audio only intercom system is not as effective at deterring crime and intruders. A video intercom often means that everyone who attempts to gain entry to your home will be photographed and/or recorded.

Video intercoms eliminate potential illegal activities such as break-ins, trespassers and vandals. Anyone who sees multiple cameras will think twice before committing any criminal activities.