Video Solutions

Interactivity , Touch and Gesture applications are the fastest growing applications of IT in various business, education, service and hospitality sectors.

We specialize in the supply and installation of interactive products and have installed many of these advanced systems in Universities, Schools, Government offices, Shopping malls etc… More than a product supplier we develop, design, setup, distribute and service innovative touch interactive products.

We porvide solutions using following product line

» Acrylic Screens
» Transparent projection foils
» Gray Screens
» Silver Screens
» Pull Down Screens
» Mobile Screens
» Electric Screens
» Plasma/LCD/LED Touch Screens
» Desktop/ Open Frame Touch Monitors
» Metallic Touch Screen Kiosk
» Customized Touch Screen Kiosk
» Large Size Touch Screen Kiosk
» Transparent Touch Screens (Glass/Foil)
» Projection Screens
» Interactive Floor Projections
» Whiteboards
» Multi-touch Gesture supported
» Wide panel size selection (15"-65")

Interactive Display/Screen